Since 1955 Dunegan Nursery has been dedicated to growing only the highest quality nursery and landscape stock.  From our wholesale
nursery in Indiana County Pennsylvania we have offered local and regional contractors and retailers a wide selection of natively propagated
and grown material.  We continue to serve our customers new and old with an expanded product line, consistent quality and friendly and
personal service.  Our family has dedicated a lot of years to perfecting growing in western Pennsylvania – growing plants and growing
relationships.  Take a look around our site to learn more about our nursery and please
contact us with any questions.
Dunegan Nursery - Wholesale Nursery in Western Pennsylvania
For years Dunegan Nursery had been serving developers, contractors, landscapers,
garden centers and other retailers with a variety of high quality, natively-grown plant
material at wholesale. Nursery-kept in Pennsylvania, this material has been exposed its
entire life to the sometimes harsh local climate and the very particular environmental
conditions of this part of the world. As opposed to milder, coastal climates and much
different environments, plant material grown in western Pennsylvania is going to
perform best in the regional landscape. Dunegan Nursery is proud to continue
contributing to and promoting the tradition of agriculture in western Pennsylvania.
Spring 2015:
Container-grown material available now for spring pick up or delivery:

Rhododendron: 3 and 7 gallon sizes
Evergreen trees: 5 and 7 gallon sizes
Japanese maple: 5 and 7 gallon sizes
Japanese maple: 2 gallon size
Dwarf hemlock: 2 gallon size

Please view our current
inventory list for availability of all plants and sizes
Please note that later this spring and into the summer a number of
Chamaecyparis varieties, new Japanese maple varieties and dwarf
evergreens will become available.  We're very excited to be able to
offer these varieties, most new to Dunegan Nursery, in container sizes.  
Please keep up with us often to see our latest availability or
contact us to receive monthly updated price lists.
What's Looking Good:

7 gal. Rhododendron
36"+ sized

Large potted rhododendron
ready to make an immediate
impact on any landscape.

Pink, purple, red and white
blooms available now!