To receive our monthly updated wholesale price list, please contact us with your request, company name
and short description of your business.  We will email our most current list shortly after receiving your request.  

Please note that the pricing offered in the list is for wholesale ONLY.  We cannot offer wholesale pricing to
individuals, groups or anyone not operating a viable company within this industry.  Non-wholesale customers
seeking our material can find it in numerous retail outlets or have it installed by a number of contractors.  Please
contact us with your name, address and product/service you are seeking and we will happily refer you to one of our

To Place an Order
Before ordering please view our current availability to make sure the material you would like to order is in stock.  
Orders may be placed directly to
Tim Dunegan by email (tim@dunegannursery.com) or by phone (724)
.  Please note that our availability is updated regularly but not instantly.  During our busiest seasons
(typically early spring and early fall), it may be necessary to confirm availability directly over the phone or by email.  
Once an order is placed, that material is no longer available to other customers.  An order is determined to be
cancelled if it has not been picked up and we have not been contacted within 48 hours of the original pickup date.  
Please be courteous and contact us if you're running late or need to reschedule your pickup.

Pickup and Delivery
All prices quoted in current price list are for customer pickup.  We do offer delivery service for an additional charge.  
Due to fluctuating fuel costs and other variables outside of our control, pricing for delivery is determined on a
per-order basis.  Please contact us with your order, desired delivery date and delivery site.  While we cannot
guarantee delivery availability on a particular date or to a particular site, we can usually accommodate a reasonable
request.  As with ordering plant material, the farther ahead of time you contact us the better chance we have of
meeting your request.
General Policies
Pre-ordered Material
such pre-ordered material until that date.  If you have made a pre-order and cannot pick it up by the May 20
deadline, please contact us to confirm a new pickup date.  Please note that we do offer delivery options for orders
as well (see above).

Price List
If we've sent you a password for our electronic price list, you can download it here.
- Our latest price list cancels all previous

- Pricing featured on latest price list is for pick
up only

- Our latest published availability list cancels
all previous publications

- We assume no liability for delay or failure in
filling orders for any reason beyond our

- All plant material is guaranteed to be alive,
healthy and thriving at time of pick up or

- We give no warranty expressed or implied
as to the description, productiveness or any
other matter of any plant material that we sell.
Please contact us with any specific questions or for more information